About The Living farm Café and Inn

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The Living Farm Café and Inn is one of the very few true farm-to-table restaurants in Colorado. Our Café features farm-fresh and organic produce, meat, cheese and eggs from our farm and others in the area. Because we use such fresh ingredients, you are sure to notice the tasty difference in your meal.

Unlike traditional restaurants, we reduce our footprint in the community by recycling glass, plastic, aluminum and other items that would otherwise find their way into the landfill. We also create less waste by serving appropriate portions and reusing food waste by composting.

Want to stay the night? Our Inn is friendly and cozy and continues the natural farm atmosphere on the second floor of our lovely historic building. We offer not only a free breakfast to our guests, but also money saving vacation packages, farm tours, workshops and special events throughout the year from our home base here at the Living Farm Café and Inn. We look forward to hosting you and providing you a taste of the good (and natural) food and fun of farm life.

Chef Mike Gillespie

Chef Mike Gillespie

Chef/Owner, The Living Farm Café and Inn

Chef Mike grew up on The Living Farm in Paonia and is a graduate of the Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts in Boulder, Colorado.

Having worked in Colorado restaurants since he was 15, he is committed to serving only local, farm-fresh, organic foods in the Café.

Mike will introduce you to American-style gourmet cooking with his inventive and tasty seasonal menu that will amaze your taste buds and remind you that eating healthy can be delicious!

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