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"The Living Farm Café: The Ultimate Farm-to-Table Restaurant"

120 Grand Ave., Paonia, CO - Reservations: 970-527-3779 - Catering: 970-270-2314

Chef Mike's Recommendations

The Breakfast Skillet

Potato, sweet pepper, onion and house made...

Name That Sandwich

What do you call a sandwich that has shredded...

Hand Cut Potato Fries

As the name implies these fries are hand cut...

Location and Hours

Location 120 Grand Ave, Paonia, CO
Breakfast Everyday 8am - 2pm
Lunch Everyday 10am - 2pm
Dinner Everyday 5:30pm - 9pm

Customer Testimonials

Great Lunch – And Lambs Are coming!

Great Lunch – And Lambs Are coming!

Healthy Highways Participant

I had lunch today at The Living Farm Cafe in Paonia with my daughter and her boyfriend. We had a great meal and then called to get a tour of the farm. Baby lambs are coming soon! (March 2014)

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