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"The Living Farm Café: The Ultimate Farm-to-Table Restaurant"

120 Grand Ave., Paonia, CO - Reservations: 970-527-3779 - Catering: 970-270-2314

Chef Mike's Recommendations

Elk Osso Buco

Braised Elk Shank, Parmesan Risotto, Fresh Kale,...

The Breakfast Skillet

Potato, sweet pepper, onion and house made...

Hand Cut Potato Fries

As the name implies these fries are hand cut...

Location and Hours

Location 120 Grand Ave, Paonia, CO
Breakfast Everyday 8am - 2pm
Lunch Everyday 10am - 2pm
Dinner Everyday 5:30pm - 9pm

Customer Testimonials

Elk Osso Buco – A Top 10 Must Eat

Elk Osso Buco – A Top 10 Must Eat

Colorado Tourism Office

Traditional osso buco is an Italian dish of veal steeped in vegetables, white wine and broth. But to taste osso buco with elk at a farm-to-table cafe is a delicious mouthful. The tenderness of the elk provides sensory overload and the complementing textures of the risotto, kale and onion straws will certainly satisfy your appetite.

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